Eagle Stroke Golf Simulators
and Double Eagle Golf Simulators



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Par T Golf - Eagle Stroke Golf Simulator models

(Beautifully realistic computer generated image golf courses)

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Includes: Up to 200 realistic computer generated golf courses
One to Five Year Warranty depending on the model.

The Par T Golf - Eagle Stroke Golf Simulator units include the following:

  • HD High Brightness Projector with ceiling mount
  • Fast Computer with DVD drive
  • 15 Inch Color LCD Touch Monitor (optional on some models)
  • Keyboard with integrated track mouse
  • Carpet to cover floor 14ft X 20ft with ball cup
  • Triturf - three deep brush surfaces to simulate tee, fairway, rough, sand
  • Enclosure frame, Enclosure, Screen
  • Optisense - Super high speed Ball flight sensor unit
  • Computer controlled lighting
  • One to Five year warranty depending on the model.

Additional Options for Eagle Stroke Golf simulator models

Par T Golf - Double Eagle Golf simulator add-on

(Spectacular Photo Realistic golf courses)

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Includes 16 Full 18 hole photo realistic Golf Courses

Download the Brochure (Requires Adobe Reader)

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Double Eagle Golf Simulator - Reconditioned (If available)

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Including: 16 Courses
One Year Warranty

The Reconditioned unit includes the following:

  • 16 Courses
  • 1 year warranty
  • New Screen
  • New Carpet